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This time last year I was positively over the moon about being accepted onto the Helmar team, and I’ve had a blast working with their products and getting to know my fellow team members. I’ve been invited to stay on for the next six months, too, so who knows what I’ll come up with to share. But today I thought it’d be fun to look back over the projects I’ve created for them over the last 12 months.

Helmar Scrap Dots into Stamps!

I started out my Helmar time with a bit of a bang: using Liquid Scrap Dots to pipe out my own skull stamps to make ribbon to decorate the house with. Still one of my favorites!

Veteran's Day Shadowbox

My next assignment called for a Veteran’s Day project, so I borrowed some service pictures from a friend and made this shadowbox for her.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Helmar

Then, suddenly, it was Thanksgiving, and I made a centerpiece for our hall table.

Victorian Ornaments for Helmar

I ventured into glittered territory for my December post, showcasing these Victorian Lady ornaments I made for our Victorian-themed Christmas tree.

King Cake Pillow Boxes

I loved these King Cake Pillow Boxes I designed for my January project. The look almost good enough to eat (and yes, there’s still glitter freaking everywhere!).

Sculpted Fabric Hearts

Using their Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid I created some patched fabric hearts and had a lovely time getting nice and messy with it.

Victorian Memo Frame

Then I spruced up an old frame with some fabric, ribbon, and (of course!) for a pretty Victorian Memo Frame.

Accounting Joke Birthday Card

In March I made the most of Todd’s upcoming birthday by making him a very accounting-centric card with real adding machine tape.

Decoupaged Wooden Bunny

Then decoupaged this wooden bunny wall hanging that I’ve had around for ages in time for Easter.

Time To Craft Altered Clock

In April I took advantage of a spare clock laying around and had a little fun with paper and glue.

Pocket Letter & Decorated Envelope

In May I made a pocket letter and decorated envelope for my pen-pal.

Doll Courtyard Diorama

In June I got to show off some of my Dal’s in the courtyard diorama I made from upcycled cardboard and other things around the house.

Drive No Evil Art Car

And I doubt you’ve forgotten my July post, where I painted my own car and sealed it with Helmar Crystal Kote Gloss (that I then needed to disclaim because it wasn’t a tested use… oops!).

Altered Composition Book

After the art car, I toned things down a bit and altered the cover of a composition notebook--a much more traditional project…

Perfect Planner Clips

Made some seasonal paper clips for use with my planner…

Baby Girl Dimensional Baby Card

And crafted a sweet card for a friend’s baby shower (which is today’s post over on the Helmar blog).

And that’s what I’ve created for Helmar over the 12 months! I’m already working on my next project for Helmar to kick off the next 6 months with the team. I have no idea what will come after that, but I know it’ll be creative and fun!

39 thoughts on “My Year With Helmar

  1. Wow! You have done so many DIY projects in the last year! Good for you! I am trying to make it more of a habit and really want to encourage more creativity around the house with my kids!

    1. And this is just my Helmar projects, I was on 2 other teams at the beginning of the year, plus personal projects πŸ™‚ I think it’s great your making creativity a habit–it improves our lives so much!

    1. It’s so important to make time and space for your creativity to stretch out! I hope you’re able to work in a few more project in the next year πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I love to stay busy! I’m fortunate in that Helmar and the other teams I’ve had the honor of being on really let us do whatever we feel inspired to do with their products and inspiration πŸ™‚

  2. Look at you go, this is great that you have gotten the chance to do all of these projects. I made a goal this year to do more crafting this year & I have managed to do it – love it as it’s so relaxing!

    1. I hear that a lot, Jeanine, and I’ll tell you what I told my cake decorating students back in the day: you can learn to be crafty! It’s a skill, just like anything else, and if you click on any of the links in the post it’ll take you to my post on the Helmar blog, most with step-by-step instructions! If you ever need help figuring out how to do something, my inbox is always open!

    1. Thanks! I love decorating envelopes, even if it’s just a little washi tape here or there. It’s just such an unexpected thing πŸ™‚

  3. I love the projects that you created! Especially the shadowbox and the “it all adds up” card. Very clever! Congrats on partnering with the for another 6 months they are lucky to have you!

  4. Wow! I love the idea of one project per month. I love crafting, but I often get overwhelmed by the vast amount of ideas and over-stimulation in craft stores. Hehe πŸ™‚

    1. I usually have 2-3 going on at any one time, Shelly, but aiming for one a month is a great place to start if you’re trying to get into the crafting habit. I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed, though, but I write down all the ideas that come to mind in a notebook and that gets them out of my head, allowing me to focus on one or two at a time without risk of forgetting the other ones. Definitely helps cut through the overwhelm!

    1. Helmar is an adhesive company out of Australia with a US distributor as well. They have fabulous products–the Quick Dry 450 is nicknamed “hot glue in a bottle”–and can be found in some craft store chains or online.

  5. It looks like you had a pretty crafty and fun year with Helmar. I love the Christmas tree ornament most of all! So cute =) And glitter is a silent beast lol.

    1. Silent beast… I think I like that better than some of its other names! I was really happy with how the ornaments turned out, and they looked awesome with all the other paper ornaments on the tree.

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