Mission Accomplished!

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Do you know I managed to get everything on today’s to-do list done, and then some? Because, wonder of wonders, I got puppy snuggles as well! lol

My boss has a new dog: a Yorkinese named Otis that he procured from two winos down in Carabelle. Best story beginning ever. But Otis is just the cutest bit of fluff ever to grace to optical nerves, very quiet, and very obedient, even at 10 weeks. It’ll be great fun having him around the office, I’m sure!

Dinner tonight was fabulous! There were nine in attendance and it really was exactly what I wanted: a group of friends all hanging out together, conversations flowing, swirling and occasionally intersecting into just the most wonderful evening I could have imagined. Granted, I had hoped a few more friends could have made it, but life happens and I am more than thankful for those that could make it. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

One thought on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. That was absolutely fantastic and we totally have to have another group dinner together–it was a great group to mingle. Your mom is fab. 🙂

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