Maybe it wasn’t the omelet

Everyday Adventures

Theory is that there was some sort of stomach flu going around as I was laid low by it yesterday and at least one other person who was on the trip came down with something when they got home. Suspicious, no? And sucky, yes! Ugh, Tuesday ended up being a non-anything day except lay around spaced out and weak because nothing would stay down. Not that I had an appetite in the least.

Seemed to be better today. Appetite is still on the non-existent side but I made it through some soup tonight and made it through work today. Finished tomorrow’s comic and working frantically on articles that are due by end of day Friday. Whee! Luckily I did get the 2 drafts done before going out of town, they will be finished early tomorrow evening so I just have one to do start to finish in a night or two. It’ll get done and, hopefully, things are calming down a bit now that Vegas is out of the way and the holidays, etc.

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