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No, that’s not the update, just the general feeling.

So. Mon Amour came over last night while I attempted to get my head on straight and listened to me ramble a lot about the event, made some suggestions, provided moral support (he’s so good at that!) and I actually felt pretty good (for once) about the whole upcoming thing. Whew.

This morning, however, I thought I was totally dead in the water when I realized I was having trouble moving my neck and right shoulder without excruciating pain. Then there was an issue with the car charger for my cell-phone (apparently the fuse is busted and I’m not completely sure where my back-up one is), and I lost an earring in the work parking lot! What next, right? But the neck/shoulder thing eased up a little, I managed to get a call from MC about serving ware before the phone completely died, and I did find my earring so things looked up. But wow, what a rocky start, huh?

So tonight I did a bit of running around after dropping Abigail off with V for another 2 weeks (yay, no doggie duty for 2 whole weeks!), got more than half of LT dessert baked, roasted the pork for Friday’s Traveler’s Fare, and put together about half of the site tokens (with only 2 lion casualties owing to too-small holes for the hook to go through and a minor panic attack when I realized there were some logistical issues. Oh well, they’re done now). I didn’t get the soltelties made, but they should be doable tmw night (or on site if absolutely necessary). The dessert presentation is going to go a little less flashy due to time constraints (raining myself in for the sake of sanity… sigh…), and there’s still the matter of a surprise for a certain someone that I have to nail down and figure out how to do it and really surprise her. lol *mischievious wringing of hands and maniacal grin*

2 thoughts on “LT Update

  1. I’m glad things are looking up. Remember that there are folks that are more than willing to help if you’ll just say the word. You’re NOT allowed to kill yourself (or work yourself to injury)!
    Ok. Rant over. Do you need help getting things to site? I’m hoping to be off early and I have room in my car and Flann will in his as well.

  2. You definitely surprised me! (in a good way, even!) Thanks so much!
    It sounds like you did too much by yourself this time. You _are_ allowed, even _encouraged_ to delegate. Please keep that in mind! And yes, I acknowledge that this is a case of pot-and-kettle. ::end scolding::
    Hugs and congratulations to you. See you at the meeting!

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