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So, um, I didn’t exactly plan to take a break from the blog for so long (or at all, really) but, well, I was busy and then there were the holidays and more busy and, well, yeah. Too, was the thought of what I was going to DO with this blog. I’m still not sure. I have a bunch of sites right now and, well, one needs to stand out as the clearinghouse of them all, and right now that one hardly gets any attention from me or anyone else. So, I’m going to try and post more regularly over on jenniferwalkeronline.com for obvious reasons–basically any time something happens on the other sites or in a professional capacity. This will continue to be the personal blog; maybe not updated daily but with some regularity I hope, and then comic will be what the comic is/are (there will be a second starting soon over at SoulGeek).

Now, the last update had a staggering number left on the to-do list. Well, it still does. Half the projects on the list are now completed but I still have a lot of work to do. On the up side: the Year 1 book and my 24-hour comic have been sent to the printers, just waiting on proofs now, and should be here by MegaCon. Woo! Satyr#8 from Main Enterprises is out (though not in my hands, yet, but it’s on it’s way) and I’m looking forward to having copies of that for sale at MegaCon, as well. Of the things that didn’t get finished: the handprinted mini still needs most of it’s work done (though I’m confident about it’s chances of being ready for the con, as well), I’m not where I wanted to be with my Small Press Idol entry, but it’s still going to be fine and, of course, Where the Geeks Are is still on it’s way to it’s destination when I’d originally planned to have an entire month of updates up and established. That wasn’t totally in my hands, though, so it pays to just roll with it and do it when all the ducks find their places. Now, of course, I need to finish up those things and get everything else ready for the Con (not to mention try to set up some more cons for the year!).

A truly bright spot in the craziness was our vacation: the 8-day Western Caribbean cruise was, overall, amazing and we both really enjoyed the time away from the every day craziness. I have tons of pictures and video to post but they’re all still on the cameras. Hell, I haven’t even unpacked yet and it’s been a week since we got home!

But now it’s time for bed, work week starts tomorrow and I have a lot to get done.

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