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Little Monkey Adventure

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This little monkey went to Nebraska…


This little monkey went, too…


This little monkey had a Runza…


After these two went to the zoo…

at the zoo

And this little monkey went tweet, tweet, tweet…


All the way home!

We’ll get back to the water glasses this week but I’m still running on fumes from being away from the computer for 4 days! (Hence all that tweeting on the way home.)

Travel was less than fun–2 car trips, 3 airports and 2 plane rides each there and back–but we managed. The funeral was brief (we missed the viewing on Friday night, there was just no way to make it) and the visiting was plentiful throughout the weekend. Todd’s dad’s house was built (and decorated) in the 70s and let me tell you–it’s the house that time forgot! It’s perfectly preserved retro down to the wall-to-wall shag carpeting. Of course there are pictures (over 400 from the 2 days we were in Lincoln) but I’ve yet to weed through them.

In case you’re wondering what a Runza is, it’s a ground beef and cabbage hand-held pie that (when not sold by a regional chain of restaurants by the same name) also goes by the name Bierock. It’s a local staple and one of the things Todd was looking forward to having when back in town. After making them ourselves, it was nice to compare them to the original but… yeah, I liked ours better, too. We also went to Valentino’s (another local staple) and, of course, had some Omaha Steaks. The new monkey came from the Lincoln Children’s Zoo–a spur of the moment addition to our itinerary–and is already making himself at home with the other Georges.

The posting schedule around here might be a little skewed for the rest of the week but I expect to have more on the water glasses before the end of the week.

6 thoughts on “Little Monkey Adventure

  1. The monkey is cute! I’m sure my monkey Lil Dave would get along with your monkey. I’ve never heard of a Runza. It sounds good.

  2. My mom used to make cabbage rolls — rice and beef inside a cabbage leaf, rolled up, then pressure cooked. They’re delicious. Are your cabbage pies similar, or am I completely in left field?

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