Limoncello, Week 9

Limoncello, Week 9

Limoncello, Week 9

And we’re back to the land of no changes.

I wanted to check the surface of the infusion for any schmutz (there was none) so I removed the lid and plastic wrap. I am pleased to report that the mixture no longer smells like floor cleaner! This is great news as it means the mixture is mellowing out.

All signs point towards drinkability but it’ll be 3 weeks before we know for sure.

One thought on “Limoncello, Week 9

  1. I was in a restaurant called Trattoria de les Artistes (I think I have that right) last Thursday evening in NYC. I had a wonderful, amazing lobster, shrimp, and fresh stone crab pizza. And they brought me a shot of limoncello at the end of the meal.


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