Limoncello Diary-Week 4

Limoncello, week 4

Limoncello, week 4

Another week of nothing.

Is it just me or does it look a little more orange? I don’t think it’s a trick of the light, I think it’s taken on a deeper color.

But, then again, maybe I’m just wishing for some sort of change to report.

That’s entirely possible.

In 2 weeks we’ll be adding the sugar syrup and all you’ll need for that is water and plain, white granulated sugar… and then another 6 weeks of nothing.

I have to say, keeping up with this is a true test of will for me–I’m not much for long, drawn-out periods of waiting around. It’s not my nature. I mean, I just ditched an avocado pit after realizing it would take 3-4 years to bear anything. I’m not big on patience.

But this, this I think I can do.

Baby steps, right?

One thought on “Limoncello Diary-Week 4

  1. Wow. Should I apologize for begging you for this limoncello? I’m thinking it would be easier just to fly to Naples, Italy.

    Then again, I have an amazing apothecary jar from Anthropologie that is just begging for some limoncello. So I’m going to join you in the quest — a little late, I know, but you’ve inspired me.

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