Limoncello Diary, Week 2

Limoncello after 2 weeks

Limoncello after 2 weeks

Not really much to report on the process of limoncello-ing.

It sat there.

It didn’t get shaken or moved or anything really [Todd just informed me he was occasionally shaking it–gotta work on communicating the plan more clearly!].

It just sat there.

But that’s okay because that’s what it’s supposed to be doing. Sitting and steeping and getting all the lemon flavor it possibly can.

Also? This second week seemed to go by in a flurry of activity that makes me realize October isn’t all that far away! They even had fall/Halloween stuff out in the fabric store yesterday.

(Despite the fact that it’s my favorite holiday, I’m still not ready for the year to be that over yet!)

The color seems to have deepened a little more and, without agitation, a lot of the little particles I noticed last week have settled.

4 more weeks and we add a whole bunch of sugar syrup.

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