Limoncello Diary, Week 1

Limoncello after 1 week

Limoncello after 1 week

We’re making Limoncello the low and slow way with an expected tasting sometime in October.

After 1 week of swirling it around from time to time the zest has begun to pale, some, in relation to the deep yellow of the infused alcohol. I did unscrew the cap and take a sniff out of curiosity–still very strong!

What I’m not seeing (and this is a good thing) is any sort of growth on the surface which means everything is still nice and ick-free in there. Since we’re not trying to ferment anything this is as it should be.

There is a little bit of clouding but I think that’s to be expected–little bits of the zest mixing in. If you choose to use a microplane instead of strips you can probably expect even more cloudiness.

This will all be dealt with in the straining process.

1 week down, 11 to go!

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