Like a Hole in the Head

Everyday Adventures

Work, laundry, fighting with the credit card company over last month’s fraud issue (yeah, I had one of my cards hijacked and used for a single $1450 purchase in Redding, PA at a Lowe’s and they refunded that but none of the fees is caused or the extra finance charges and some dumb bitch tries to tell ME that current month activity isn’t included in computing finance charges but there is no other mathematical way to go from a starting balance of 2K and end up with an average daily balance of over 3K WITHOUT including the fraudulent charge in the computation and then had the NERVE to disconnect me rather than transfer me. Luckily the next lady I talked to had a brain and recognized that I did as well and cleared it up but DAMN people, get a freaking clue why don’t you), finished an article, drafted another article, inked 1 1/2 comics and when I go to scan and upload tomorrow’s (today’s) strip I find an email from a friend saying that the site is trying to give him a virus. The FUCK?!?!

Okay, now, to be fair and honest: I really do appreciate knowing that my site is apparently trying to fuck with people with a low-level trajan downloader. The thing is, I DON’T OWN THE SERVER IT’S ON. So, it occurs to me to update the WordPress install, thinking maybe there’s a security fix in the latest update and hope it doesn’t break the site (chances of that are what?) and then, well, I guess I can put a service request in with Dreamhost but here’s the thing: I can’t duplicate the issue. Even if I GO to the site on BOTH my home computers–one’s a Mac, no issue there, of course, and that’s the one I use to update the comic–the other runs Vista which isn’t affected by this supposed virus. Unless I drive to work now (ain’t happening cause I don’t go to that neighborhood after dark) I can’t verify the issue. So, no offense to the kind helpful friend that I know was just trying to be a good friend, I can’t be sure that it’s my site that’s really doing anything, the server, the program, what.

Anyway, after the meltdown the Chase lady caused I’m still of shaky ground, I’m behind on my deadlines, the apartment’s a wreck and I just don’t freaking know how to fix it all!!! Hence, meltdown #2 in a 6-hour period. Not your fault, friend, I know, but timing just really sucks sometimes.

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