Keyboard conundrum

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So, thankfully I have a laptop that likes to cooperate with me so I can get things posted and so forth. You see, right now Minnie is having difficulties that I thought were being cause by having too many memory hogging programs open since the last restart. (Keyboard was taking freaking forever to register keystrokes and then only intermittently.) So I restarted once the comic was scanned but then there were three updates to install (one a system update) so I decided it could do that just fine. The keyboard seemed to cooperate when I had to enter my system password but when I tried to enter text elsewhere it was a no go.

Sigh… I would change the batteries but I just did that a week or two ago and the keyboard usually doesn’t eat them that fast so I don’t think that’s it. (Not to mention that those were my last pair of AA’s; guess what else goes on tomorrow’s shopping list.) Maybe once the update is done and another inevitable restart happens it will play nice again. Otherwise, disregarding all the work I put into modding it, I may be replacing the pretty red and white polka dot set with a non-Kensington set. I’ve had it with the knock-offs.

In other news… well, honestly, I don’t have any other news. That’s it. I got a smidge of work done on The Secret Project and got a good amount of stuff done at work (my office is naked! naked I tell you! the walls are bare and all my tchotchkes are in a box so as to be out of the way of the painters) but other than that. I got nothing. Nothing but frustration and tired.

Oh, wait, I do have something else: the first check from the revised writing contract arrived today. That is definitely a happy moment that will be followed by another happy moment when I make a considerable payment on my MasterCard account 🙂

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