I’m Sorry, You Have the Wrong Number

Everyday Adventures

I think I got more phone calls today, alone, than I have in the previous month. Total. True, my cell phone is my only phone (no land line by choice) but I use it mainly for texting. It’s so much simpler that way.

Of all the calls I got only 1 was actually for me, it was a reminder of my follow-up appointment with the gastro on Monday. The others were just absolutely wrong numbers (though one, I swear, thought they were calling Pat Buchanan… dude…). The final call of the day came just before 9pm and was from the (out of town? 803 area code?) Obama Campaign office asking if I needed a ride to the polls.

How many times do I have to tell the Universe that I am NOT interested in politics and that I choose NOT to vote in the upcoming elections and have done for quite some time. Howl all you want, those who thing I’m wrong or stupid or whatever but I was, once, very politically active and very opinionated on the subject. After a while I became not so much disillusioned but more disgusted by the whole process. Nonetheless, I also ascribe to the mantra that if you don’t participate you don’t get to complain, so I just stay out of it completely. I may decide to become politically active again, who knows? But the one way to insure I don’t is to pester me, at night, on my cell phone with unwelcome offers of “assistance”.

I still don’t know if they were working from a phone bank a la every other telemarketer in the world or if some “friend” had given them my number. If it was the latter, though, and I find out who did it… not happy with you will be a gross understatement.

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