I’m baaaaaaack!

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And I don’t mean just from Coronation! I mean from the home-innernets exile my cable modem decided to punge me into 11 days ago. Torture, I assure you, and none of it sweet!

The only saving grace, in fact, was being out of town for the long weekend for if I had been stuck at home without access for that long I truly would have cause to fear for my sanity.

And do you know the ‘trick’ to getting a swift result from your local ISP? Hmm? Ask to be transferred to the billing department and demand a credit for not only the past 11 days sans connection but also for the upcoming week before a tenchician is supposedly available. Suddenly it went from being 7 days to within 24 hours. It was actually about 5 hours later when I got the call from dispatch that the tech was on  his way to the apartment, as was I having ditched Mom and dinner for the chance at connectivity.

But enough about that, it’s early and I need to get to work but Coronation went well, though I pretty much only saw the kitchen and our cabin (by my choice, I know, I could have played more on Saturday, but it wouldn’t have been right to do so). The problem with my current health situation (and by this I mean the tendonitis) is that being on my feet for 2 days left me no energy or state of mind to enjoy the rest of the event. There was dancing, and it would have been fun, but there was no way I could. The Bardic Circle I could have sat at and listened, but the pain I was in would not have left my mind free enough to enjoy. It was even terribly difficult to get to sleep on Sunday night for the nerve-ending-distractions. See, it’s even overshadowing what I meant to be a quick sentence or two about the event and the feasts, and what has it turned into?

All this boils down to is the need for me to go back to the podiatrist, but as I explained to my GP, I can only deal with one specialist at a time and right now the endo seems to get higher billing. Dare I tempt fate and call for an appointment? Or will doing so ensure that the 3rd attempt of the 24 hour test is yet again unsuitable. Stay tuned…

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