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In a stroke of I don’t know what I managed to write over eight thousand words at the five hour write-in on Saturday and, after battling game day traffic, got home to write the last seven hundred or so needed to cross that 50K finish line. Oh my but it feels good to finally meet that goal after 3 previous attempts that did not. I celebrated by doing pretty much nothing– I took the night off. I have no plans to write on that story again for a while and when and if I do, I think it’s going to take a different tract all together. What had started off as a small subplot is actually more interesting than the main story line and I think I may place more of the focus on it, sort a something happened on the way to her life kind of change.

But first I’m going to take off writing for a couple of weeks while I get Winter Festival and Yule out of the way, then go back and, as part of NaNoPubYe, work on Wedding Tarot again.

I’ll say more about Thanksgivng and such tomorrow.

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