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But not in the manner of twenty-something indie rockers, more in the manner of aging rockers from the 60s and 70s who, having survived the drug years and touring time after time, rock a little slower now, but still rock. Because y’all, I’m so freaking tired! (and all without the drug years and touring)

Last night was one of those super-productive balls-to-the-wall nights where you (I) just go from one task to the next on fast forward until you (I) can finally collapse onto the bed and sleep not long enough.

I stayed late at work (off the clock) to run the copies of the program pages front and back in quick time, then took Mom home after swinging by FedEx for a quick drop-off, dashed home at around 6:20pm, took out the ham I’d sliced and casseroled the other night to come up to room temperature and preheated the oven. Next I booted up Teddy (the desktop, come on now, keep up) while gathering the dark clothes for a load of laundry. Started the first batch of cover backs printing, walked the laundry down to the next building and started the wash.

Twenty six minutes later I had finished with the program back covers, and started on the inside covers. These took longer, and more ink. Good thing I stocked up! Plus I mixed the orange-mustard glaze for the ham and started the sweet potatoes steaming, and had dinner of leftovers from the previous night (what I cooked is actually for the rest of the week… I work ahead). Since the printer was taking it’s time, I also layed out the fabric for the sofa cushions and cut the second set of top and bottoms.

After tossing the clothes into the dryer and feeding the printer more paper I peeled and dressed the sweet potatoes, mixed up the sauce for it, and put it in the over which the ham had recently vacated. More paper in the printer and, oops, I guess I misjudged how much more I could get out of that black cartridge, time for more ink! A full tank once more, the printer happily ‘lines’ along, I delete a few dozen emails, and I go retreive my laundry from the dryer.

I admit that it’s still not hanging in the closet, but for now folded in the basket counts as done. And all of the above was done by eight o’clock.

As Gilmore Girls started I had thirty-three more color parts of the cover to print (having run out of colored ink less than 30 from the goal plus the nine that were trashed on the inside imprint) so I set that to go and grabbed the finished covers, plunked myself into my chair, and folded, and folded… and folded… Now, here’s the curious thing. I can fold four cardstock covers at a time with virtually no slipping or funny angles, but when I moved on to the insides, on 20# bond, I couldn’t at least double the number folded at a time without odd discrepancies in size and straightness of line.

By the time House ended I had finished folding over 350 pieces of paper and moved on to collating the insides into the cover. The printer was finally allowed to rest again, this time for the night and tomorrow night’s dinner was cooling on the stove. Ten minutes before 3 lbs. began I could move onto the final step: saddle stapling. I had borrowed such an animal from the office and finished up about ten minutes after eleven. Of course by that time I could barely move from the repetitive stress, but hey, they were done! A final count just to make sure I had 170 finished programs and into the box they went (extra insides just in case included).

It was still another 45 minutes before I made it to bed, since there were emails to check and delete, the NaNo forum to peruse and a message to send out to the WriMos. Two days left to NaNoWriMo 2006 and Tallahassee isn’t looking bad at all!

Okay, just typing all of the above makes me even more tired, lol, tonight I have a similar agenda, though. Knitting while ANTM is on, and making something green to go with dinner, but otherwise I will be cutting and drilling the wood pieces for the Yule tokens. Vroom Vroom!

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