I give it 3 Bibs!

Everyday Adventures

Spectrum and I went to Monk’s Bar and Grill tonight for dinner. For those here in town, it’s what is now in the old Main Ingredient location. It’s certainly different. It’s darker in there, the front room at least is devoid of a big screen tv (a fear with that bar & grill moniker) and it’s even more casual than MI was. The menu is pretty big but contains mostly burgers and other sandwiches.

We both had burgers. I, the Stilton (blue cheese and apples) and Spec the Gator Hater (bacon, horseradish mayo, red onions). Both were big, good, and messy 🙂 You get a choice of sides (celery & carrots with dressing, fruit, French fries, chips and salsa or pasta salad).

Spec had the fruit (honeydew and cantaloupe with maybe some grapes) and I had the pasta salad (too much oregano, could have used a little more salt; there was shaved Parmesan on top but I think it would have helped to have that mixed in with the salad ahead of time to get the cheese time to impart some saltiness to the dish, effectively warming up the dish without heat). Portions were good and the check came in under $20 before tip.

Not exactly my new favoritest place in the world, but definitely good for a burger fix and better than fast food.

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