I Don’t Know What I’m Procrastinating

In The Studio

But I’m procrastinating it real good.

The other day I decided that I wanted to re-position my desk (again) and the work table that backs up to it. While I’ve tried to maintain a largish, open area in my previous office layouts, I realized that I really don’t need the open floor space as much as I need the elbow room that placing my desk & table more or less in the middle of the room.

Last time I redid my office I went ahead when I felt like it, despite the fact that the desk and table were covered with stuff and the floor a bit cluttered, too. It was a mess of epic proportions, mid-move, and not a sight I really want to witness again. Add in the presence of Duncan the devil dog and mobile paper shredder, and it’s really not a good idea to just dive in!

I have a couple sections of my office already blocked off from puppy paws, and my natural inclination to move leftover materials to the nearest flat surface so I can work on something new led to a very cluttered area beyond the barricades, so these were the prime areas that needed rehabbing before I could reasonably start the rearranging.

So Sunday, on my way home from the planner meetup, I stopped at Target and picked up 3 plastic totes–I knew the chances of my sorting and stacking the chaos was far greater than actually finding homes for the various materials in a timely fashion. Self-enabling? Perhaps. Or I just need more storage. (Bite your tongue if the words “or less stuff” crossed your lips or your mind.)

Normally I’ll get the supplies but wait to actually start. Not so, this time, I started tossing things into the first two bins that night, and last night filled the third bin. I have bit more to sort, but the floor is getting clearer so I’m getting closer to the end goal. The only reason I can think of to be so motivated is that I’m putting off finishing something else, though nothing’s really coming to mind.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I do think there’s a video clip of the before state that’ll be in the next vlog upload. Not sure if I’ll have the after within the next week or so, but anything’s possible!

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