I am apparently…

Everyday Adventures

a black hole for rulers. Or, rather, my home is. Sigh…I know I had it earlier. On the table where I’m working. Today. But where my blue plastic ruler is now is anyone’s guess. It’s slipped into that fourth dimension to rendevous with my nice 18″ metal ruler that went missing shortly after the move.

Nonetheless, page 2 of my scroll is going well…I have the blocks captioned (in pencil), 3 completely sketched and 2 more partially sketched. The one that is not even begun is the one I had partially done last night before I realized I wasn’t in the correct style for my example. So I erased it and put it off to the end for some reason. Really it will be easier to render since the Cantigas style is very two-dimensional, which is why the other panels have gone so well. Of course it would be so much simpler if I had my ruler (grr)…a yard stick just doesn’t do it.

Oh, I found out last night that Dreamhost has a one-button-install for Gallery! So now there is a photo album on my site. Wohoo. Of course I didn’t have much on this computer to upload (will have to chance that) so I just uploaded one as a test–my self-portrait from Watercolors. Go see!

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