How I spent my Friday night…

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Because I’m just that fabulous, I had to share. (sarcasm, people, in case you missed it)

I get home, grab dinner and attempt to scan a contract to send zipping its way back across the continent. Oops! I don’t have any way to save something as a pdf on this computer (yet). Frankly it was getting somewhat complicated, the finding on a free pdf converter for Macs or figuring out where on my Mac there is one (I’m almost sure I’ve saved as a pdf before, I just can’t remember which program I used to do so), so I typed up a quick fax cover letter and drove back to the office to use the fax machine there. So much simpler (I could have saved myself the drive if I’d remembered to write down the fax number last night… durr).

Anyway, errand run, I come back home to start work on the Barony’s website. This is the weekend I’m going to start switching the site over. Er, well, this is the night I’m going to switch the site over. First I wanted to backup the current databases (just in case) and I managed to export them for whatever good that might do. No problem. Then I copy all the old files onto my harddrive (again, safekeeping), then I change the nameservers with the registrar and put in for the transfer. Boring, I know. But this was supposed to take so much more time in my mind. Why? I haven’t the foggiest.

Of course, when I went to set up the mirroring for during the transfer I ran into a problem. It was totally PEBCAK and I fixed it and then spent a frantic 5 minutes are so spazzing that I hadn’t verified all of the email forwards before switching hosts and OMG what if the other host has already disowned them! Eek! Of course this happened right as I clicked ‘OK’ on the transfer hosting bit so it hadn’t had time to change jack anywhere. And now the new site is up!

I’ll need to make some minor changes in some email links and set up the forum and gallery bits still, but that can wait until tomorrow at least. Frankly, my hand is starting to cramp, my eyes to cross, and I was already tired from an odd sleep pattern last night (kept waking up to the primes: 3, 5 and 7). I think I’m going to go zone on the couch for a while. If I’m feeling industrious RA6 may end up painted before the end of the evening. By the end of the weekend at least!

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