Highway to Happiness: Baking and Bride-Napping

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My wedding leave started 2 days before the event, on Halloween. As much as we really do love Halloween, I opted not to don a costume simply to spend the day baking goodies for the reception.

In addition to the cupcakes we ordered from Lucy & Leo’s, I decided to make brownies, lemon bars, a pound cake, and an orange cake to round out the dessert options–a little something for everyone. This may not have been everyone’s ideal way of relaxing before the big day, but the hours of methodical mixing and baking and cooling and packaging was quite soothing.

Photo by Pink Shutterbug Photography

Photo by Pink Shutterbug Photography

Mama Leadfoot called shortly after 5pm with a surprise: Dr Aunt and Brother Speedy–not expected in until the next day–drove up a day early (apparently Mama whined a bit about the lack of visiting time their original itinerary afforded) and were ready to head out for supper. Was I game?

Roadie and I had planned to go out that night anyway, but Roadie had to work that day, then pick up his suit on the way home (I’d hoped he’d get to it sooner, just in case something didn’t fit, but that’s not how his schedule played out). When I couldn’t get him on his cell phone the jokes started: “He’s making a run for it!” and the like. Gee, thanks, loving family. But after several calls and my family showing up at my house, the decision was made to kidnap me and hope that Roadie would meet-up with us as soon as he could.

I don’t think any of us expected the restaurant to be as busy as it was, but having the waitstaff in costume was interesting (one person was dressed as Ted, which was a little odd). Our waiter was one of the guys from Anchorman (not my type of humor, so I couldn’t tell you who he was really supposed to be) and then to have them doing their dance-break per the usual–well, hey, dinner and a show, right?

(Commentary supplied mainly by me & Brother Truck–pardon my somewhat maniacal laugh at the mid-point)

Roadie showed up just as our food was being served, so pretty perfect timing there, and at some point it just hit me: Here we all were. It could have been any day, any reason, but this time it was because of Roadie and I. Soon we’d be surrounded by even more family, and then by our friends, and it was all because we met in a chat room one night, decided to meet in person, and followed the road from there wherever it took us. I got a little misty-eyed, even.



And then Mama started pelting the opposite side of the table with peanuts. My family isn’t known for prolonged sentimentality, so this was perfectly par for the course!


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