Happy Turkey-Eve!

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Hey, we get Christmas Eve, why not?

Not entirely unexpectedly the boss let us go early today so I took the opportunity to run by the hardware store (mini power tool! vroom! and parts for an eHow article I’ve had drafted for a while, now) and grocery store (forgot dish detergent last night; pah!) so I got home at the usual time but at a much higher productivity level. I could have stayed and worked til 5–definitely had enough to keep me busy–but the paint fumes made me disinclined to acquiesce. Besides, Drew flew in last night and had Mom’s car so I was her ride for the afternoon. She was ready, we split.

Got completely sidetracked when I got home, though, and watched Free Enterprise before getting anything done. Luckily the comic was inked, just needed color, and all that I really had to do for dinner tomorrow was the pies and chop some vegetables for the dressing. I’ll have plenty of time for the other stuff tomorrow because Mom caved to the demands of the boys to move dinner from 2pm-ish to 4pm. Now, granted, J&K will have already been to at least 2 dinners by then and Drew will probably have gone to B’s for her family’s dinner so essentially we’re holding our dinner for people who will be too full to eat it! We fully realize it, but oh well. But this means I actually have to eat breakfast or something in the morning! Unheard of on Thanksgiving!

And I’ve been wreaking havoc on the web today, too. Started a couple of days ago (I think, I can’t remember what day it is anymore) when I actually managed to widgetize the Secret Project blog like I knew what I was doing and it actually worked. Holy cow! Then today I figured I’d have to be brave and do some more such coding only to find that the wonderful WordPress peeps fixed the stats-incompatibility issues so I didn’t have to! Yay! Of course, then I had a brainstorm on how to fix something that had been bugging me on the Oldenfeld site (granted, it’s something no one else would ever know I fixed because its a very back-end thing and I still haven’t patched the forums yet… sigh…) so I went into the panel and made the change and it worked but somehow changing the ftp user made the files invisible in Cyberduck so I copied them over (all 5.6MB which I’d already copied to my desktop just to make it ‘easy’) only to create an issue with a directory inside a directory that borked the front page. Dur! So then I had to delete the 5.6MB and the directory I accidentally put them in so I could reinstall the 5.6MB without the superfluous directory. But! Hopefully, once this is done, the ftp will be accessible as a stand-alone and not part of my other sites, etc. This is actually more of a safety feature than anything else, to make sure someone is able to get into the site should something happen or when the day comes and I hand over webmin to someone new. If I ever get so lucky, lol.

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