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We had an update from the New Orleans contingent of the family today. There was a house and an apartment destroyed, one home with about 4 feet of water in it, and one with only 4 inches of water. Several other homes were fine when examined and, wonder of wonders, my Aunt and Uncle’s home (2 blocks west of the levy) got absolutely NO water damage and has only one tree down in front of the garage. Wow.

Of course, we also found out today that there is an uncle missing. I had thought he was still up north (we’ve had some defectors over the years) but apparently he’d gone back to N.O. a while back. First they thought he’d been part of the Superdome group but so far his name has not appeared on any of the lists. So there’s some worry still, but the majority of the news was good.

In other happenings, the next Bellydancing class started tonight and it was SO very fun. Some of the new stuff was a tad more difficult, and boy are my calves sore, but it was great. My undulations seem to be okay, it’s just my shimmies (esp. the shoulders) that need work. I also did some not-for-any-deadline sketching today and I actually had a face come out looking like a face…of course it wasn’t the face I planned on, but its a start!

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  1. Hi Jenn – thanks for dropping by the site and for tuning in to the show. You’ve an interesting collection of pages here and I found reading your blog to very interesting and life-affirming. So, blessings to you! And I’ll keep your New Orleans family in my prayers – I hope you hear news of your missing uncle soon. Merry met!

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