Good Golly, Miss Molly!

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Coverage of my glorious weekend away is suspended for a bit to announce that I have a new baby sister! (No, y’all who know Mom haven’t missed a major occurrence) Her name is Molly, she’s 8 weeks and 5 pounds of Buddah-ful-bellied French Bulldog. I’d post a picture of her but my transfer cable is missing. I think it’s actually at the office, attached to the computer from when I brought it instead of the iPod cable.

The weekend was just absolutely lovely, though. New Orleans is as charming as ever and I’m definitely looking forward to my week-long excursion come May. Hopefully by then I’ll have some of the rewrites done and know more of what I need shots of. I also hope to get an interview or two with some gallery owners, so I can understand how they work in general and put on shows. Of course, I could do that here, too, I suppose. And may well.

And Spectrum was charming, too. We had a wonderful time just hanging out, wandering the city, and his work party was fun, too. You know, sometimes they can be odd if you don’t know anyone or your date abandons you (which he didn’t), yadda yadda yadda. But it was fun! Of course, some of his coworkers wanted to check me out, make sure I was making him happy, etc. I think I passed muster 🙂 And then there was the food: Friday night we wandered into Cuvee for dinner, Saturday lunch was at the Lazy River (which is, apparently, an offshoot of Pat O’s), and Sunday brunch at Palace Cafe. It was really tough to leave but we managed to tear ourselves apart long enough to drive to the interstate where he went west and I east.

After stopping to meet Molly I finally got home just after 9ish. Long weekend. But I think I’d do it again in a heartbeat. A very particular heartbeat.

But now I am cold and alone in my apartment where the ambient temperature is so low that the liquid ganache in my truffles has solidified. Off to upload tomorrow’s comic and then to bed.

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