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My birthday isn’t just around the corner and the approaching new year does not inspire the thought, it’s the events of the past weekend that make me feel positively ancient: Spectrum and I went to the fair 😉

It started simply enough, we wandered through the animal and community exhibits, surveyed the food offerings (ah, the Brown food group!) and then checked out which rides we were interested in before buying tickets for them.

[Sidebar: holy cats has this thing gotten expensive!!! We were given passes that covered the admission (which wasn’t that bad, only $7 per person, less than a movie) but the ride tickets were $1 each and most rides took 4 tickets! No wonder there were hardly any lines for the rides!]

We rode two rather harmless rides I remembered fondly from my last visit (some 4 or 5 years ago), the Himalaya and the Scrambler (now known as the Sizzle, apparently). And then we were done. Spec looked positively pale when the Scrambler/Sizzle came to a stop! Both of us were a little wobbly and we decided that we were definitely too old for this.

Still, all was not lost. There was still the Brown food group and we ended the day with foot-long corn dogs, a funnel cake and palm readings. Went home and Spec was asleep before 10pm. It was a good day.

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One thought on “Getting Older

  1. I just got back from the Fair. Yawn. 8^(

    I did some good research/inspiration for my NaNo book this year but other than that, I’m glad I got in free.

    Also – I don’t do rides. 8^)

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