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Awww, no one felt up to the task of the Conundrum Quiz? That’s too bad, really, I was looking forward to gifting something to the winner! Guess I’ll just keep it for myself, for now.

I was especially looking forward to the creative wrong answers! They would have been worth a chuckle, at the very least.

Were they too hard? I know a lot of them will make you go ‘oh, right! that makes perfect sense!’ when you read the answers.

Which one of the United States is the largest and most popular? The state of matrimony.

Why is the map of Turkey like a frying-pan? Because it has Greece at the bottom.

Why is New York City like a flash light? It has a Battery.

What American poet may be considered equal to three-fifths of the poets ancient and modern? Poe.

Why are unsuccessful contestants for a prize like Shakespeare? Because they have made Much Ado About Nothing.

What word is it of only three syllables which combines in it twenty-six letters? Alphabet.

Why are hot rolls like caterpillars? Because they make the butterfly.

Why are the pages of a book like the days of a man? Because the are numbered.

What sort of a day would be a good one to run for a cup?A  muggy one.

When is a wall like a fish? When it is scaled.

Or maybe you just don’t like puns? If that’s the case we’ll have some un-punny riddles coming up in a near-future art.

Whether you guessed at them on not, there’s something we can learn from the concept of conundrums.

Lessons from a Conundrum

  1. Make time for something fun.
    Being a grown-up doesn’t mean every moment has to be meaningful or of great importance, taking a break for a minute or three is a great way to get some distance from your problems, take a deep breath and maybe even smile.
  2. Try. Just try.
    I really hoped at least one person would have taken a shot at the conundrums I posted.  Yoda is the man, you know, but in this case it wasn’t do or do not, try was totally acceptable. Encouraged even! Trying new things, even if we muck it up royally, teaches us new things and makes pathways in our brains. We need those pathways to stay head-healthy!
  3. The answer may be write in front of you.
    Okay, okay, that was the last pun (for this post), but it’s true: conundrums can help teach us critical thinking skills. Look at the poets one as the best example of this concept. The question was a visual math problem that breaks down to 3/5 of the word poets. The answer is Poe! And we all say ‘Doh!’ when we see it. It’s like the “tongue twister” that’s posed as “betcha can’t say this three times fast.” And you, being the smart-ass we know and love, say “this three times fast” or “this this this.” It’s the one-step-to-the-left answers that keep us on our toes.

Have you embraced your inner smart-ass, today?

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    1. But it would have been 1 more than anyone else got! And I’m sure you’re brain is plenty-smart, just maybe not where puzzles are concerned 🙂

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