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The forum is free of spammer accounts. Not that they could do anything but artificially inflate the member count and cause me grief since I have all accounts set to admin activation only, but still… they were there and now they are not. Hah!

Of course, that was the total of my efforts on the site today. Not so hot. Tomorrow I’ll do some content work for a little while. Chipping away is pretty much all I can do.

My passion right now is on research for Wedding Tarot. I’d be more judicious of the time spent only I’ve put this project down for months in the past without a thought so I’m sort of stuck in this ‘seize the moment’ thing. Maybe it’s the waning moon pushing me to complete this leg of the research (because heaven knows this will not be the end of it), maybe it’s procrastinatory serendipity (finding desire for a wayward project when I should be working on others), or maybe it’s just that whole ‘should’ issue: it’s my time and I’ll be damned if someone else is going to tell me how to spend it. Not that anyone really is, it’s me reminding myself that there are other items on the to-do list. Ahh, internal dialogue, gotta love it.

Today was a bit slow at work. The last two days were spent tidying up random loose ends (i.e. the stacks of low-priority paperwork and filing on my desk) and fighting the urge to plan my next party. I have the ground-work layed in my mind, I just have to nail down a few more details and execute the invitation design (which came to me in a flash of inspiration this morning).

But for now, back to the Wedding Tarot research. *shuffle*

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