Faux Finish: Stained Glass Window Effect

In The Studio

I do love my faux finishes, although I cannot take full credit for this one. I first saw this effect on the My Froggy Stuff YouTube channel where she used washable markers and Mod Podge to do this same thing.

Mod Podge never seems to fully dry in the South Georgia/North Florida humidity, so I wanted to find another way to get this same result using Imagine products.

Memento markers were the obvious choice, but it took a few trials to find out whether Creative Medium (on its own or with another product added) would work for the adhesive. It had a bit too much tooth on it’s own or even diluted a bit, but when I tried On Point Glue, it worked like a charm!

To get the wavy, pebbly look of old leaded glass I needed to heat the glue to set it before it could settle. Leaving it to dry on its own would be a great way to create a streaky marbled look (which would be great laminated onto a white background).

Check out the video of creating this look over on the Imagine blog.

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