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Binge-watching defunct shows isn’t something generally fraught with peril, and yet…

Like most of the women I know, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Gilmore Girls mini-series and a Netflix binge is totally the right build-up for such an occasion, even if we are still waiting for a release date.

Only, well, it wasn’t that simple.

You see, my mother introduced me to the Gilmore Girls to begin with. And, well, we’re not exactly Lorelai and Rory material. If anything, we’re more Emily and Lorelai, only without the family money. The thin layer of civility is there, though, in spades, and the last month or so (or, rather, the 4 weeks after the closing of our mutual employer was announced) was particularly tense.

So I kept putting off watching a show I dearly enjoy just because it brings with it so much baggage (and an increase is semi-witty sarcasm on my part).

But last week I started watching from the beginning and, man, I forgot how good this show was. Most shows have a bumpy start and take a season or two to really find their footing. Gilmore Girls did not have any sort of delay–good job, Palladinos! I was a little shocked about my feelings re: Dean vs Jess, though.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not Team Jess (he really needed that chip knocked off his shoulder like whoa!), but until this re-watch I was pretty firmly in the Deam camp (at least until he sleeps with Rory while married to someone else, that’s skeevy no matter how you put it). Now I’m seeing Dean through older eyes–10 years of perspective on the human condition and, wow, Dean was definitely not the right guy for Rory (or possibly anyone). Sure, he started off sweet, but when he starts to get clingy? Calling 14 times in one day? Showing up to wash her car when neither she nor Lorelai are home? That’s only a couple small steps away from stalker.

What hasn’t changed is my devotion to Suki, and I adore Suki and Jackson together. I identified with Suki so much back then, even though I was a couple years past my stint in hospitality and had accepted that I was a career bookkeeper by that point, but whatever.

I do cringe during some of the Emily scenes. Especially that little fake smile she shoots Lorelai at times–I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat across from a similar expression on my own mother’s face. And wow did I internalize some of the wedding episodes and have them come out of my own head when I was planning my own wedding 2 years ago.

I’m deep into Season 3 and not exactly looking forward to the Logan years still awaiting us, but I will soldier through!

In other news, I have the slowest upload in the world going for a 7 minute card video for The Craft Branch. I scheduled a live stream at 3pm and I’m now worried that the upload won’t be finished and, therefore, the live stream will lag or not go off at all. It’s taking so long it’s not even listing the estimated number of minutes left. I’ve had an upload count down from 300+ minutes, so how long is this going to take? It’s bad enough I had to restart the editing software 3 times just to be able to get the voice-over to actually sit on the timeline–maybe the live stream was a bad idea for today.

We shall see.

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