Episode 7: Grab a Spoon


Extra pretend points if you think of Friends at today’s title 🙂 Not so much if you think Matrix.

I was really impressed with the number of songs I found for this episode–once again I had so many that it was tough to pare this episode down to just over an hour! Of course, when one of your keywords is ‘eat’ you learn just how many times those 3 letters show up in sequence in the course of music listings (hint: “featuring”, “death” and a host of other things had to be weeded through to find a few honest-to-goodness food songs). It’s not all bad, though–I found some great things hiding here and there for the next 2 podcasts!

In all, I probably listen to about 300 songs for each podcast and then pick out the dozen or so songs that best amuse me, rock it out or just amuse me. Here’s this month’s tasty morsels:

Food–Dierdre Flint
Thanks–Youngblood Brass Band
So, Thanks–Tom Smith
Pockets Full of Gold–Danika Holmes
A Girl Should Never Eat Alone–Clayton
Healthy Eating–Dan Elson
Salad of Doom–SJ Tucker
Eat You Now–The FuMP/Robert Lund & Spaff.com
My Baby Likes to Eat–Alec Berlin
French Fries Overdose–The Great Potatoes
Salt–Diedre Rodman/The Lascivious Biddies
Let’s Eat Home–Linda Baker
Everybody’s Family is Messed Up–Kristen Kitko
Twisted Family Ties–Delina
Sorbet Girl–Subplot A
Gluten Free Blues–Kyle Dine
Sugar Bomb Baby–Industrial Salt
Coffee to Go–Alice Leon/The Alice Project
Cold Turkey Sandwiches–Sealed Weasels

Wondering how you make turkey gumbo from leftovers and bones? I got you covered over at Nibbles ‘n Bites.

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