Episode 17: Write My Story


In honor of it being November and many friends (and oodles of strangers) participating in NaNoWriMo I thought it was time we did a more-or-less wordless podcast. With the exception of the opening song and my bits of talking, the majority of this episode is purely instrumental, a perfect backdrop for writing, editing, or doing other things that require more concentration and less someone else’s words in your ears!

In this episode:

Write My Story—Air 5
There’s a Spy in My Martini—David Parker
Rough Sax—Mariners Lament
Lil’ Ray of Bossa—Terri England
Tidalwave—Jeff Bosset
Fire and Ice—John Gilliat
The Apes Party-Ape Surfin After Lunch
More Than Heaven—Ken Kurland
Mysteria—Rick Harris
Rainy Wedding—Dr Sounds
The Spiritual Subplot (Of A Tragic Action-Packed Romantic Comedy)—Shams
Love’s Journey—Donovan Johnson

And that’s us for another episode. We’ll be back in another couple of weeks with more great music to create to!

2 thoughts on “Episode 17: Write My Story

  1. I was one of those kids trying (and often failing) to do my homework with the TV on, but I know what you mean about the silence! When I really need to concentrate at work, I stick the headphones on! Even binaural beats are better than silence! 🙂

    1. Exactly! I used to do the same thing with movies I’d seen hundreds of times (Bring It On, for instance) for comfort noise. I also used to sleep with the radio on for the same reason.

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