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As of this past Monday, September 30, it’s been a year since Todd & I made our engagement official! What did we do to mark the occasion?

Spent 8 hours in the car, on the way home from a comics show in Mississippi, then grabbed Chinese take-out as we got back to town.

I know, not very romantic, but we’re not really the super-romantic type. At least we spent the day together–despite the rain that made driving that much more tense, and the exhaustion as we’d just made the drive to Mississippi on Friday.

In the past year we’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished. We:

  • Started saving for the wedding
  • Picked our venue (which came with a caterer, accommodations, and a Day-Of Coordinator)
  • Created our preliminary menu
  • Decided on a honeymoon
  • Found our officiant (more on that one, soon)
  • And I bought my dress!

Not bad for 12 months, and we’ve still got 13 months to go!

These days it’s not uncommon for a couple to be engaged for a year or more. It is, however, a little outside the norm to have an engagement longer than 18 months. If you count when we actually decided to get married (in June of last year), a few months before there was a ring and telling our families, our engagement is 27 months long.

And speaking of the ring…

After having all 4 prongs reset (which was a bit of a trial in and of itself), the setting was starting to loosen again when I went to the mall to pick up a Clinique order, but I had the store clean it and inspect it that Saturday.

Just 2 days later, on a Monday, I’m sitting at my desk, I look down, and one of the #$%^&* prongs is missing. Unlike the first missing prong (where the fridge shelf caught it and snapped it off in front of my eyes), I have no idea how this one came off. I’d been at work 2 hours and the most strenuous thing I’d done was file some papers. I had no time to take it in that day to make that week’s repair shipment, so it sat in my jewelry box for a week until I could make it back by the mall.

And while the repair is not only visible to the naked eye (it’s like he dumped some extra metal into that corner and just didn’t bother to clean it up, so it’s “clogging” the corner on either side of the prong and behind it, backing up to the halo stones), I’ll be damned if I haven’t had the ring back a month (maybe more) and it hasn’t rattled once! Every other time it’s been 2 days or less before it’d start to loosen again, so maybe–as inelegant a repair as it was–this’ll actually hold!

*knocking wood that I didn’t just jinx myself or my ring*

I would imagine things are going to start heating up a bit, now. We’re still on the photographer hunt (though an end may be in sight on that score), and I’ve yet to design our cocktail or start on the rest of the DIY goodness I have planned.

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Did you have an engagiversary?
Did you do anything special or was it just another day in the countdown to the wedding?

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