Egg-cellent Egg Salad


Even though we’re all well past egg-hunting stage in my family, I still enjoy dying eggs for the occasion. The un-hunted egg is a prime candidate for egg salad sandwiches in the days after the holiday.

First, a tip for easy-peel eggs.

After the eggs have boiled (10 minutes is generally sufficient for a solid, yet tender, yolk) and you’ve drained off the boiling water, shake the eggs around in the pan enough to cause small cracks to appear. Then, as you cover the eggs with cold water to speed the cooling, water will seep in between the shells and the whites, making it easier to peel, later on.

I’ve also read that older eggs peel more easily than fresher ones.

Egg Salad

10 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and chopped
3 green onions, sliced
2 tsp dijon mustard
1 Tbsp sweet relish
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp ground pepper
1 tsp dill
1/4 c mayonnaise

A pastry blender makes short work of a bowl of shelled eggs, just make sure you’ve got a good grip on the handle. Mix in the remaining ingredients before adding the mayonnaise, only adding as much of the latter as it will take to make a smooth mixture. Depending on your eggs you may need less or more.

Other ingredients that would be tasty would be freshly diced bell peppers or celery for crunch, capers in place of the relish or tarragon instead of dill.

We went with fairly simple sandwiches on toasted sourdough bread with salad greens though sprouts would have been tasty as well.

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