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As I said in my Helmar post, I’m in full-on planner mode these days, and in addition to reformatting my Creative Days planner for 2016, I’m changing binding styles, too!

Inspired by the Midori Traveler’s Notebook as shown in Kiala Givehand’s video on the topic, I’ve joined the many Faux-dori’s out there by making my own cord-bound planner cover!  And since the first one went so well, figuring it out as I went, I decided to make another and video it so anyone who wanted to make a similar fabric planner cover could follow along!

(Direct link for the feed readers: Fabric Fauxdori Planner Cover)

Some of the Fauxdori makers have their own shorthand (like JenDori and FoxyDori), so maybe this is a ScrappyDori? Hey, a girl can try.

I’ve been using my pink cover and my new 2016 planner prototype for a little over a week, now, and I have to say I’m really happy with the changes I’ve made so far! I want to give it another week or so before I decide on the final changes for the 2016 Creative Days planner and put those out at the beginning of October.

What I Used:

  • 16″x9″ Fusible Fleece (1 piece*)
  • 17″x10″ (ish) Fabric (2 pieces*)
  • 1/4″ eyelets (6)
  • Silkies Necklace Cords (2)
  • Foldover Elastic (~12″)
  • 2″ Charm

*To fit an A5 or US Letter folded in half-sized planner or notebook.

Along with the usual sewing bits: scissors, sewing machine, iron, etc.

You know, I’m more inclined to iron for craft projects than I ever feel compelled to on laundry days!

And even though the video is almost an hour, it’s only that long because I wanted to take you guys through the different decisions I made and how I got here–it took less than an hour of actual working time to make this planner cover and it’s mostly straight seams (I rounded the corners, but that’s a personal preference thing).


Midori Traveler’s Notebook
Kiala Givehand’s Book-in-a-Day Traveler’s Notebook Tutorial

JenDori aka ChickSparrow Journals
FoxyDori Etsy Shop (currently on hiatus)

Stretch Magic Silkies Necklace Cords (affiliate link)
Jewelry Fundamentals Thick Elastic Cord (affiliate link)
2.5mm Crimp Tubes (affiliate link)
Fold Over Elastic (affiliate link)
Blue Moon Beads Shortcuts Connectors

If you give this project a go, I’d love to see how yours turns out!

26 thoughts on “DIY Planner: Fabric Fauxdori Cover {video}

  1. This is so cool! With 2 kids under two, this would be very useful. I walked in on my (almost) 2 year old coloring all in my planner. :/

    1. Thanks, Lexi! I’m always on the lookout for things that I can do just as well as buy. May not always be cheaper (often it works out the same) but it’s infinitely more satisfying!

  2. Very cute planner! I have found a love for planners as well about a year ago. I haven’t really gotten around to being as creative as you though! lol Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I love the idea of making your own planner cover…this is something that I would like to do for my Kindle. This way, I can make sure that I have the type of protection and design that I want.

    1. Ooooh, yes! This could totally be altered as a Kindle, iPad, or other tablet cover by skipping the grommets and using pieces of elastic at all four corners of the inside back cover to slip the tech into.

    1. I hope I’ve given you enough info and options to go forward with your plan to DIY one for yourself. If not, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have along the way 🙂

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