Everyday Adventures

I’ve had a serious case of the crankies lately and I’m only partly sure of the reason. Mainly its dealing with this ^#$#@# splint during the day. Sure I’m adjusting, and I even figured out how to shuffle cards without my left index finger, but it’s still a bitch typing with the splint. And the stitches started to itch today. That’s probably a good thing, but it’s driving me just shy of bonkers.

Still, that really shouldn’t be enough to make me truly cranky. Maybe it’s just change. A lot of my creative focus is narrowing, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about the comic as well as other off-shoot projects or similar ideas (writing and illustrating). While it’s totally my idea and no one else’s, I might be chafing just a wee bit at ‘neglecting’ other hobbies. That sort of thing has never bothered me before but I’m feeling a decided niche-shift that /is/ different. We shall see.

In other news (hah!) I’m watching this horrid Tom Selleck made for tv movie. Slow-paced (why does nothing seem to move fast enough anymore?) and horribly heavy-handed with the cinematography. Sad thing is? It’s the only thing on. I forsee a lot of catching up on my DVD collection this Summer, and much use of the Blockbuster Total Access. Oh yes.

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