Episode 13: What I Feel


Despite a bit of a technological bobble, here we are back with the next episode of Random Acts Radio 2.0 Music to Create To!

Like our other episodes, this one is full to the brim with wonderful independent music from the artists below, though the mood of this episode is different from the last one. Instead of the driving bass line to keep us powering through, today’s podcast reflects a more somber mood. Perfect for working on memorial projects, serious scenes, or just holding you through until the dark mood passes.

Episode 13: What I Feel

What I Feel—Darius Lux
Downside Of Love—Adrienne Pierce
Holding Out For Spring—Jonnie Murphy
Skeletons and Spirits—Allison Crowe
Nowhere To Run—Dirk
Pillow on the Ground—Arrica Rose
Ghost In Your Mind—Black Lab
Turning Me On—Lea Marie
Private Hurricane—Josh Woodward
One Small Dog—Maria Daines
Stop—Alicia Marie
Lost Signal—I Am The Icarus
End of the Renaissance—Aryn Michelle
Drug Therapy—My Velcroe

While getting the blues is normal for everyone now and again, if life starts to seem unbearable or you feel yourself sinking into a hole you can’t see a way out of, please reach out to someone and get some help. And if you see suicide as the only way out, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Announcing the Relaunch of Random Acts Radio!


Hello and welcome to Random Acts Radio 2.0–Music to Create To! I’m pairing today’s re-launch of the podcast with the 2014 Biz2Beach summer fun as a way to get you through these hot and humid days and help you achieve your business goals with a rockin’ soundtrack!


(psst! Feed readers, especially email, may need to click through to actually see the download/play button in this post!)


And for those of you who missed last year’s Bring Your Brain to the Beach activity book, you can download your own copy here:

[button link=”https://www.hightail.com/download/ZUcyYnUxeWFrWThVV01UQw” size=”large” icon=”glass” color=”teal” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Download Beach Brain Activity Book[/button]

Now back to the podcast thing…

Creative projects have a way of running their course, usually changing direction a time or two before reaching the end of their road. Sometimes, though, you find a new road for that project and can keep truckin’ along–that’s what happened with my podcast.

What started out as a thematic podcast to add another layer to the comics I was creating obviously hit a bump when I stopped updating those webcomics in favor of working on the cookbook–only so many hours in a day, right? So I switched to general themes, but even that stopped working so well for me after a while so I shelved the podcast, and every time I’d get a download stats update I’d think about how to start it up again. The music wasn’t a problem: finding the point of the podcast was where I got stuck.

Then it hit me: I listen to music almost constantly. If I don’t have something off Netflix or Amazon playing on my second monitor while I work, I’ve usually got a playlist or the radio on. When I’m trying to get data entry done at the office and I’m just not in the groove? I crank up some hair bands from the 80s and 90s or something else up-tempo to keep my fingers flying through the stack of work.

And when I’m creating? You bet there’s music playing. When I’m writing I like instrumentals, things that aren’t going to compete with my inner dialog. When I’m knitting or working on detail work, strummy guitar/singer-songwriter things fit in. If I’m angry or sad, I exorcise those emotions listening to music that fits the mood.

So that’s the new direction of Random Acts Radio 2.o: music to create to. Each podcast will have a different mood or vibe to suit different sorts of creating. This re-inaugural podcast features songs with a beat to keep you moving–be it organizing your to-do lists, powering through some piece-work, or making the commute go by a bit quicker. Maybe you just need to get up and move a bit, work out those wiggles and mental blocks to get on with the project at hand. Either way, these songs making me smile, tap my toes, and bob my head to the beat and hopefully you’ll find a song in there that moves you equally well!

Episode 12: Good Day

Good Day–Natives of the New Dawn
Ordinary Girl–Amy Ayres
St. Frankenstein–Jacob Martin
Wake Up–Bryan Dunn
Mona Lisa–Josh Woodward
Gone Home–Battery Life
Whiskey & Wine–The Anthems
Victoria–Dust Rhinos
Take Me For A Ride–Lea Marie
Jungle Juice–All Crazy
Breakthrough–Bree Rose
Cabaret Fortune Teller–Audra
Digital Monkey–Balkan Beat Box
Go–Mambo Sauce
Raise the Roof–Melora Hardin

My goal is to put out a new podcast twice a month, so be on the listen for the next podcast on or around the 14th of August (ooh, see what I did there? I gave myself a deadline–this is how I work best). I’ve got enough music already selected to get us through the first few months, now I just have to keep up with organizing it into some playlists for you guys! Of course, you can subscribe through iTunes (provided I’ve done the redirects right, if not I’ll certainly get it straightened out) to hear all the new episodes and definitely check out some of our fun themed podcasts of times past.

Episode 11: Everybody’s Irish!


Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, here’s a rollicking set of songs to get you in the mood.

Pour Me Another—Doug Folkins
Beer, Beer, Beer—Brobdingnagian Bards
3 by the Blaggards:
Drunken Sailor, Wild Rover, Botany Bay
The Whiskey Never Lies—Sligo Rags
3 by Marc Gunn:
The Moonshiner, Johnny Jump Up, Kilted For Her Pleasure
[kilts are more Scottish than Irish, but it’s still a fun song to include]
3 by Great Big Sea:
The Mermaid, Concerning Charlie Horse, Cod Liver Oil
Irish Rover—Murder the Stout
Cumberland Ghosts–Rich and Jim
Irish Girl—Second to None


Episode 10: Love, Lust and Broken Hearts


Welcome to the semi-traditional February episode of Random Acts Radio! Yes, it’s predictable, but there’s a certain comfort in predictability, right? So we’ve got love songs. And lust songs. And songs somewhere in between, before or after. Hopefully you’ll be able to find one song, of the 22 we’ve got here, that speaks to you and your situation.

Keep the Love in Your Eyes–Al Stravinsky
Love I Have for You–Amanda Duncan
Love Song in G–Arthur Yoria
Teach Me Tonight–Connie Lansberg
Autumn Song–Manic Street Preachers
Temptation–Emma Wallace
Hold My Hand–Broni
Raise a Glass–Olivia Greer
Movie Date–Redefining the Moment
Rub Me Raw–Android Lust
Horizontal Tango–Roadside Attraction
Jack ‘n Ginger–Oedipus
I’m Bad–Cotton Jenny
Little Black Dress–Cush
I Don’t Believe in Love–Alicia Marie
Clever Girl–The Birdinumnums
Words Left Unsaid–Kay Rose
I’ll Be Right Behind You, Josephine–Josh Woodward
I’ll Be Alright–Marina V
If You Don’t Love Her–Ashley Rose
Another Sad Love Song–Annie Fitzgerald
Bring the Guitar–Alice Marie

In other news: I’ve set up a Facebook Fan Page for Random Acts Radio. Do me a favor a click that little Like button and I’ll be forever grateful. As well as keeping you up to date with the current podcast, the fan page will be a way to find out about other music (both mainstream and independent) that I find noteworthy (pun totally intended).

Until next month!

Episode 9: I Need a Drink


Whether it’s celebrating the new year, starting off the 12th Night celebration or congratulating yourself for getting the mammoth end-of-year to-do list, done, a drink with a kick can do wonders. After all, what we call cordials and liqueurs were once known as restoratives!

As I rambled mentioned on the show, one of my many sites is Sips & Shots, where I create a new cocktail a week and post about other beverage interests from time to time. And if my voice sounds a little rough on the recording, all I can say is it’s a good thing I recorded when I did as I woke up with practically no voice at all the next day!

Now, what you’re really here for, the music:

Pumpkin Pie–Russell Wolff
Alcohol–O Sweet Static
In the Bar Tonight–Dakota
Crazy When She Drinks–Lee Rocker
Sipping Tea–The Gentlemen Callers
Cold Beer–Jeff Ronay
Glass of Wine–The New Autonomous Folksingers
Wine of Her Lips–Billy Bourbon
Vodka Kosovo–On Wave
Martini Time–AirFerg
Ginned Up–John Hughes
Gin & Tonic–Sammy Barker
The Old Black Rum–Great Big Sea
The Saltee Tango–Stoat
Only the Tequila Talking (feat. John Popper)–Lisa Bouchelle
Sweet Tequila–Brain Buckit
Whiskey Time–The Whiskey River Band
Nancy Whisky–Murder the Stout
Drinking Like a Fiddler–Dust Rhinos

And that’s us for another month. Please, everyone, if you do imbibe, don’t be a drunken monkey–use a designated drive, take a cab, or drink at home and do so in moderation.

Fun’s better if you can remember it the next day!