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Everyday Adventures

So! The birthday was wonderfully low-key and surprisingly perfect. Spec and I had lunch at the park with the obligatory feeding of the ducks, followed by various shopping and then dinner with the family and Palmie. Afterwards, Palmie came over and played Disney Scene It (a birthday gift from Spec) and we watched a movie. As such, not much got done on the comic site revamp, but that’s okay, the comic went up as scheduled.

Thursday it was back to work, sluggishly, and then squeezing in Friday’s comic before and after the SCA meeting. Once again, it got done, but I really need to start working and working ahead now that I’ve got to 3x per week. But at least I have until Tuesday night to upload the first one of the week.

This evening I started revamping the site’s logo but was gratefully interrupted by Spec’s arrival to watch tv and hang out. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day in the morning, followed by an SCA event in the afternoon for me. In deference to the comic and the need to start on my articles for the month, not to mention finishing the banner recreation, I’ll only be going out for the afternoon and court. Sunday I’m supposed to meet up with Books who is in town for her baby shower (which I will miss) before she heads back down to Tampa. Busy weekend!

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