Can you believe this???

Everyday Adventures

I can’t. I’m sick again. Ugh! This time though I think it might be that flu that’s going around as opposed to another round of bronchitis (not that it would be unheard of for me to have two cases in as many weeks, but come on!), still, it really sorta sucks.

 And the thing is, I’ve been taking it easy. I have no reason for the cosmos making me slow down even more! Nuh huh. But oh well, what’s a girl to do but take the happy cold pills and hope it goes away sooner rather than later.

 In other news, the Sonnet sweater is < -> close to being finished. I have something like 7 rows left on the second sleeve and then six seams to sew and it’s finished! I’m working on figuring out this whole digital scrapbooking thing, and sewing should commence soon on extra tunics & chemises for GWXV (once the world stops spinning everytime I move my head too quickly that is).

 Oh, and my local friends who read this: did I leave a white 12-sided polygon plate at one of your homes at one event or another. I suddenly realized this weekend that my china cupboard was down by one and I think Pfaltzgraf discontinued that ‘pattern’, so if you see it could we try to reunite it with its brothers? Thanks!

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