But wait… there’s hope!

Everyday Adventures

The IT guy feels pretty sure that Mindy is fine but for needing a new harddrive. Not only that, but he thinks he has one that should work in her and, if so, will sell it to me for what he paid for it. So Mindy might live again, sometime this week maybe, and I can get back to semi-normal.

But wait: there’s more!

The Abyss has a new door. No longer will I be tempted to get a round frame for the hole and call it a port-hole. Granted, the new door is unfinished (not laquered, etc.) but I suppose that doesn’t matter so much.

And that’s all I’ve got. I worked on the Barony site a bit and managed to come up with the WORST ever color configuration for a forum… but at least I know what I did wrong and can fix it lol My goal is to be able to say, look, a forum, go register at the meeting Thursday night. If I survive that long.

I also have some title things to research and submit so that I can start writing some articles. And I need to get RA7 finished in its drawing stage so I can paint it. RA8 needs to be started so I don’t have to worry about it when I’m on the cruise. 9 days! Woot! Oh, and I need to make the iron-ons for the matching shirts (oh, yes, we’re going to be one of /those/ groups lol). Tomorrow and Wednesday nights will be verra verra busy!

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