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So, uh, I didn’t exactly forget I had a blog or anything (like that’s possible) I just got really sidetracked by everything going on and the impromptu week-long hiatus that sometimes happens apparently turned into a month-long one. Sigh… stuff happens, huh?

So! Anyway! Spectrum came to town for a week, didn’t find a job yet but is looking to be a permanent resident in T-town in a month and a little bit. Whee! I have a new favorite game: Killer Bunnies. I got sick, again, and am still getting over Bronchitis 2. Had an appointment with Dr Z today and I’m Vitamin D deficient so need to be on supplements and my thyroid is getting uppity so we have to watch it and I’m walking a tightrope towards insulin resistance so guess whose going to have to lose weight whether I want to or not? Yup, me! Sigh… I’ll make a deal with my body: it gets it’s energy levels up and I’ll be happy to work out again. Simple, honest.

Random Acts… is still updating Tuesday and Thursday but wait! there’s more! I’m just a few weeks away from an actual anniversary on that and it’s going to see changes: both to the website (going to get a new template and a bit of polish, mostly behind the scenes, but it’ll be there) and the update schedule. I’m going to go 3x a week! (Hopefully I can build up a bit of a buffer before that happens, but we shall see!) I’m also going to see if I can get some more traffic to the site. I’ve found that I have about 8 readers. Which is cool. But I’d like more, so I’m going to work on that.

eHow writing is still perking right along, keeping me very busy, and much of what has kept me distracted, those deadlines being what keeps me from spending more time on this blog for the most part but the benefits are worth it. At least so far. As long as they stay that way things will be good 🙂

Trying to get back in the blogging groove!

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