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You know? It’s tough getting back into a habit when you’ve been slacking for so long. I can say I just needed a break or was too busy, and that was certainly sure at first, but then I was just out of the habit. Now trying to get back into it is going to take some time.

But! It’s April now so that mean’s a new month of articles, more Random Acts… strips and Script Frenzy! So far, so good, but I’ll need to really be disciplined to not slack while Spectrum is in town again 🙂 Have to get used to him being around more than just for special visits since he’ll be in town full time very, very soon!!!

And speaking of Random Acts… I made some announcements in the blog section with today’s update and I think I’m going to need to say ‘no, really, I mean it’ in Thursday’s update because today is, of course, April Fool’s (worst. holiday. ever.) or, as I’ve started calling it: Grain of Salt day. 🙂 But no, I mean it, I’m going to have to bust my ass to manage everything, but there will be site revamps and an increased update schedule on May 1st. Whee!

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