August Vlogging Recap

Everyday Adventures

Once the new job kicked in I fell way behind on not just blogging, but editing the vlogs as well. I was filming pretty regularly, just not doing anything with the files. Perhaps one day I’ll edit them into June and July highlight reels, but I’m not going to stress over it. For August I switched to just recording on the weekends and have been able to keep up, more or less, with editing those each week.

Since I know not everyone who stops by here makes it over to my YouTube channel, I thought I’d share the last month’s recaps here for one-stop viewing.

Direct link for the feed readers: I Got the Job!

Direct link for the feed readers: Finally, a Weekend!

Direct link for the feed readers: What’s Up with the Pup?

Direct link for the feed readers: Wordless Weekend

See, now you’re all caught up! This month I’m hoping to do a few videos that aren’t straight blogs to add to the mix, so we’ll see how that goes.

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