Announcing: Cocktail Advent!


You know what we haven’t had as much of around here* this year? Cocktails and other related spirits coverage.

There are reasons for that, some good, some meh, but since I maintain my tagline for this site is “Better living through creativity… and cocktails!” I think it’s high time we caught up on some of our drinking.

You know what’s also fun this time of year? Countdowns. Specifically Advent Calendars.

Now, Advent Calendars can be found in many sizes, shapes, fillings, and themes. But this one (which has, apparently, been making the rounds online for a year now) showed up on my Facebook feed a couple months ago:

image via (reverse image lookup isn't giving me any other sources, either)

image via (reverse image look-up isn’t giving me any other sources, either–if you know who originally uploaded this, please let me know!)

Now, unless you’re constantly entertaining, a bottle of wine a night for the next 24 days might be a 1-way ticket to cirrhosis-town, so I want to go on the record and say I am not encouraging you to drink copious amounts of alcohol this month.

However! If you find yourself in a celebratory mood on any given day, or are looking for some cocktail inspiration, that I am happy to help with, by passing along some of the tipples that land in my Inbox this time of year courtesy of various PR companies and their spirits clients. I generally just file them away and never look at them (seriously, I get a lot of press releases and requests for coverage, most that don’t fit what I’m doing here) but this year I thought I’d use them up.

So, every afternoon around 4pm EST (plenty of time to plan a detour to the local liquor store on the way home, should something catch your eye), starting today and lasting throughout the month, I’ll share one of those recipes, perhaps with some commentary, perhaps all on it’s own.


*And by “here” I obviously mean my various blog projects as the booze news used to have it’s own site and was plentiful in its alcohol goodness.

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