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Everyone, meet the newest productivity buster in our lives: Duncan the Basset Hound!


I’m pretty sure I mentioned that our plan was to get a dog this year (maybe in my new year’s goals?) but whereas we’d planned to pick a pup from one of the rescue organizations in Florida or Georgia, a couple weeks ago we stumbled on a puppy listing on Craigslist up in Macon (about 2 1/2-3 hours north of us) and that same day we brought Duncan home!

Duncan's first shopping trip!

Duncan’s first shopping trip!

Well, okay, technically it was the next day because we didn’t get home until 1 a.m.

Isn't he precious?

Isn’t he precious?


Since then it’s been pretty much all-puppy all the time. Our conversations revolve around what Duncan did or didn’t do, what we need to do for him, and how we’re going to get there. Even on my birthday the little fuzzface usurped everything! Usually Todd wishes me happy birthday as soon as I’m awake but the puppy needed walking, then breakfast, then cuddles and so forth. This is our life, now.

A man and his dog

A man and his dog

Duncan has a bit of a sad origin story–he was a pet store puppy, so very likely the product of a puppy mill. The woman who purchased him was in the midst of major life happenings (a death in the family, a move, and a new job which led to the long and late hours that made caring for Duncan unfeasible–her story is so sad, she had really gone through the ringer and I think Duncan had been an attempt at consolation) and she put him up for rehoming after only a week. He was with her two weeks or so, total, and then we brought him home to live with us.

How is this even comfortable???

How is this even comfortable???

Now, we’re really hoping that that’s his happily ever after, but I’m not sure he’d agree just yet. You see, Todd and I believe in crate training, especially for puppies who are teething and still learning what is acceptable to chew on and what’s not–toys and bones, yes; furniture, floors, and people, not so much. Duncan hates his crate. Or, rather, he hates being left alone. In a confined space is bad enough, but even just being left in a room while we walk to another room to fetch something, oh no, he’s not having it. The FOMO is strong with this one.

He might be bored at my office, but at least he's not in his crate, right?

He might be bored at my office, but at least he’s not in his crate, right?

And I get it, he’s been through a lot in his short little life and needs some stability and comfort. Which is what I remind myself of when I start to get frustrated. And Todd reminds himself of this when he comes home and lunch and has to clean the crate bumper, toys, and Duncan himself. Which is why Duncan will be coming to work with me for a little while until we meet with a trainer on the 22nd who can help us help Duncan to be a happy, well-adjusted pup–including finding peace with his crate!

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