Am I the only one who didn’t see this coming?

Everyday Adventures

Probably. Sigh…

So last night I had a sneezing fit. Today my head starts getting very stuffy, my ribcage is sore and I start coughing. This is _so_ not a good time for me to get sick, I’ve got so much to finish. Of course, this is exactly why I’m now on the precipice of illness (and a coworker is getting over a case of bronchitis, timing sucks!) because I’ve been working so much and not getting enough sleep. Vicious cycle and I really do know better, just sometimes it’s what has to happen.

Ended up giving in to the zombie-like feeling, the ickyness and the stormy weather and took a nap after work. Would have been a longer nap but the phone (finally) woke me up. And I’d left it in the other room on purpose, too! Oh, well, it allowed me to finish a beading example and a card project, both of which are for the articles I’m looking to get finished up tomorrow night. Still have writing and editing to do, but the long part, the examples, are complete and I’m really jazzed about how they both turned out. Definitely worth sharing.

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