Everyday Adventures

I seem to exist in a world full of ‘almost’. I’ve ‘almost’ got a diagnosis. I’ve ‘almost’ finished a project. I’m ‘almost’ out of debt. Sometimes it feels like I’ve ‘almost’ got a life.

Is this just a symptom of the human condition. Is it a product of always reaching for the next thing, of never being satisfied? When do we get to say its truly finished?

When we’re dead, obviously, but even then, what waits for us beyond the veil?

Some days I find a tremendous amount of comfort in the cyclical nature of my job, the seasons, and time itself. Other days I truly understand what prompted someone to shout ‘Stop the world, I want to get off!’

Also, I know that much of the ‘almost’ I do to my self. Again, I recognize that my tendency to become so focused on one thing, one hobby, one interest, one person can lead to overload and burn-out. Thus, to prevent the loss of interest in things I love, I am a confirmed dilletante. I suppose I could be a little less of one, but I also tend to take things to the extreme (which is how I got here in the first place, remember).

So, ‘almost’… I suppose, then, that this post is ‘almost’ done…

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