9-30-2011: E-Day

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

This was it–THE day–Engagement Day!

It was a Friday and the 2nd day of my week-long stay-cation I’d scheduled to use up some vacation hours and get some work done on a personal project. T had called to check on the ring and it was in, he would pick it up on the way home.

And I? Was starting to feel a little bit silly. Knowing the ring was on it’s way home I had no idea of how to act. Obviously I was excited but, really, expecting him to what? Get down on one knee? Be serious? That wasn’t really us.

I saw him pull up in the driveway from my office window and *bam* butterflies. Okay, knowing it’s coming does not make it any less special, check!

In his hand was the burgundy bag from the jewelry store and this was how the proposal went.

personal photo

“Here’s the bag…

and here’s the box… (pulling out each part as he speaks)

and here’s another box.

And inside…”

While hugging me to him he said, very straightforward, “Miss Road Trip, I love you very much and I want to marry you very much.”

Well, that wasn’t so much a question as a declaration of intent, it didn’t really call for a ‘yes’ answer so, you know, what’s a girl to say?


And that was it: we were officially engaged!

And he did get down on one knee after that. Go figure, we were too busy being giddy and laughing to worry about “traditions” at that point.

Of course, the next thing was calling the family and, well, I knew Mom would be hurt if she wasn’t on the top of our list. Unfortunately, she didn’t answer her phone the first few times we tried her (while T made dinner–it was his week, how quickly we returned to “normal”) so we had to put off our calls for another hour. And then, of course, make it Facebook official to tell everyone else!

Yes, we spent much of the rest of our usual “date night” checking Facebook for responses.

And all my worries about no one being excited for us? Totally unfounded. It was the best, best-case-scenario I could have ever hoped for.

Did you still get giddy for the engagement,
even if it wasn’t a suprise?

*It should be noted that when I first broached the subject with Mr Road Trip, I asked what he’d say if I said I was thinking about marriage not being completely off the table anymore. His reaction? And I quote: “Yay!” I almost feel like we should include that in our vows, somehow.

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