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This post represents a slight detour in our exploration of the 64 Arts…

Since we’re talking cars right now, I hope you’ll indulge me as I dig into my archives to pull out a bit of fun for this week’s installment. Back when I first started drawing comics a publisher of comics magazines and anthologies liked my style and offered me a spot in his publication, Satyr. Happy to have my work in something I didn’t create myself, I ended up with comics in three issues, and the first, Satyr #8, Winter 2008, was the below story about my history with cars. This is the first time it’s been available online.

I’d been drawing comics for a touch over a year when this was done, my style has changed a bit since then and my anatomy and posing have gotten a lot better, but I always believed in showing the progress, and I liked that I could look back through my archives and see just how that constant practice was paying off while still giving readers a chuckle and not waiting until it was “perfect.” It’s never gonna be perfect, it might not even be “good enough” some days, but if you keep trying and working at it, it’s definitely going to get easier and probably going to get better.

Anyway, enough about that. Here’s Random Acts of Autos:

jvanderbeek_ra_autos-1 jvanderbeek_ra_autos-2 jvanderbeek_ra_autos-3 jvanderbeek_ra_autos-4 jvanderbeek_ra_autos-5 jvanderbeek_ra_autos-6 jvanderbeek_ra_autos-7 jvanderbeek_ra_autos-8Of course, if you’d like to see more of my comics you can check out the archives at www.CocktailComic.com. The site needs a full overhaul, but the comics are still there. And the “06-?” on page 1? Yup, that’s still the same car I’m driving now.

Electra got her name because she used to shock the daylights out of me every time I’d get out of the car. The car guys told me it was the static not being discharge by her low-whatever tires–supposedly more eco-friendly, just not passenger friendly. And once we started replacing them one at a time as they gave out pretty quickly, the static stopped, too (though I was given the option of attaching a chain to my rear axle to drag the ground to discharge said static).

And this brings up a good topic for discussion if anyone’s game: do you name your cars?! I’d love to know what and why if you’d be so kind as to leave them in the comments 🙂

Okay, next week it’s back to beautifying our chariots!


2 thoughts on “48 | Random Acts… of Autos

  1. I never really got into the habit of naming my cars, however I have always referred to my husband’s cars as “the racecar” because his speedy little sedans always seem zippier than my clunky SUVs!

    1. I didn’t intend to name my car, but once the first one got tagged as Cher it just seemed natural to continue on that way. I think if I were to buy an SUV or similar I’d have to call it something like “The Hulk”

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