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Didn’t quite catch up, did I?

I was rolling along fairly well during Saturday’s write-in but once I packed up and got home I was beat. Intending to get back to it I did some NaNovel-related resesarch but couldn’t convince myself to actually write any more.

Then reality intruded: I need to have 2 more articles in to eHow by end-of-day Thursday and I haven’t started on next week’s “Random Acts…” yet.

So last night, before bed, I did some reading for one of those articles and today, after laundry and grocery shopping, I picked up some supplies for 3 other articles this month (writing for Arts & Crafts does come with a certain amount of visual expectation, at least to my mind). The painted ceramics items are curing in the oven now and I’ll go back to drafting those instructions as soon as I finish this post. Once that draft is done I’ll start this week’s comics.

The thing that’s getting me right now is that I am so incredibly exhausted all of the time. Ever since the party I haven’t been able to perk back up. I don’t know if it’s the shortening days affecting my circadian rhythms or maybe I’m feeling the time-change more and haven’t adjusted yet, but I find myself exhausted by 6pm seemingly no matter what. Even now, not quite 9pm, my eyes are heavy and I really feel like I could just sleep for days.

I could really use some caffiene right about now. Too bad it’s still firmly on the ‘not on your life’ list.

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