11 Months and The Big List

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December 2nd marked 11 months until the wedding and things haven’t progressed much since last month.

Oh, wait, I take that back!

I sat down and made The Big List of all things wedding left to do and it took 8 pages in my little notebook. I’m in the process of putting it all into a spreadsheet so I can do all my sorting and shuffling and happy little OCD-ish organizing stuff. So far I’m 2 written pages in and on line 36. It’s gonna be a long one, folks!

But what’s fun about the whole list-making process is you can make it any way you want.

I set up my list with these headings:

  • Category (decor, logistics, papers, etc.)
  • What (that actual thing to do)
  • Who (me, Todd, both of us, a vendor, etc.)
  • Where (venue, home, “global” for those pesky things that could come from anywhere)
  • When (due dates, meeting dates, appointments, etc.)
  • Why (useful when you question your sanity–“so the tables won’t be nekkid” and “because it’s cool” are totally valid answers for why)
  • How (we’re not talking step by step, it’s more like “shopping,” “crafting,” and “think, think, think” for decision-making things)

Did you know you can insert pictures into spreadsheet cells? Sure, Pinterest and bookmarks work, but why sift through the 150 things you pinned last Saturday once you’ve narrowed your faves down to 2 or 3? Just pop a thumbnail in a cell and you’ve got it all in once place.

Generally speaking, one list leads to more lists but you can’t get to List 2 without List 1.

We managed to book our engagement photo shoot for January–might be a little chilly but that could work for us (I like sleeves, you know). It could also be a freak hot snap and we’ll melt. Either way it’ll be caught on film!

Also, I’ve been working on the beaded trim for my cropped cardigan. I’ll do a more in-depth look at the hows and stuff once I get this part of it fully done. But here’s a sneak peak of it in process:

Beaded trim in progress

Pretty Book and Flower Icon


What’s the longest list you’ve ever tackled?

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